Caddens Kids Childcare Centre is a 76 place purpose built, state of the art child care facility catering for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years old.

Our Rooms

The centre is conveniently located at the corner of Caddens Rd and Kent Rd near the M4 on-ramp at Caddens and Claremont Meadows.

The centre will operate between the hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday 52 weeks per year.

Why Choose Caddens Kids?

Qualified And Caring Staff 

All staff at Caddens Kids are qualified or are gaining their qualifications through traineeships supervised by experienced and caring educators.

Our Playrooms

Our 4 rooms are equipped with age appropriate furniture and educational toys to help children practice and master their skills in order to become independent learners. They are set up so children will feel at home in a comforting, homely setting.

Natural Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor play space allows children to interact within a natural setting through exploratory play. Our dynamic space allows children to explore natural settings as opposed to static settings. Children have the ability to climb, slide, balance and hone their physical dexterity in these different settings, which incorporate a variety of natural textures.

Fresh Nutritional Meals Provided

All meals are prepared onsite by our qualified cook using fresh ingredients and meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Our menu is planned based on seasonal produce.

School Readiness program

Our School Readiness Program is designed to develop a high level of self confidence, which promotes self-help skills. It also fosters skills in dressing, toileting, the ability to take and follow instructions. Children will acquire basic but essential literacy and numeracy skills. Most importantly, the program enables children the skills to become socially competent in forming relationships with peers and the educators.

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