Our programs are planned based on observations made of each individual child. Each child’s needs, interests and skills are taken into account and are the foundation of planned activities. Staff will use the elements of the Early Years Learning Framework in conjunction with the requirements of the National Quality Standards to guide their planning and program development.

The centre will celebrate special community events and offer incursions throughout the year to support learning.We will be involved with community organisations such as the local fire dept and emergency services, council and their conservation/recycling initiatives, environmental/sustainability initiatives, partnerships with local Indigenous as well as local sporting groups.

The CCS Will

  • Reduce out of pocket expenses for most families

  • Provide further assistance to low and middle income families

The CCS cap is determined by your family’s combined income:

  • Families earning less than $186, 958 = no cap

  • Families earning between $186,958 and $351,248 = $10,190 cap

  • Families earning over $351,248 are not eligible for CCS

To find out more information about the CCS and your eligibility you can visit the website.

A Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator is available to assist you in calculating your individual situation.