The Platypus Room: 0-1years

Infants are constantly exploring their environment and trusted staff will provide learning resources which allow the infants to learn through their senses.

Child Communication
kind with paint

The Emu Room: 1-2 years

This age is an exciting stage in a child’s development. It is a time when language, social, physical and cognitive skills develop rapidly as children explore the world around them.

The Koala Room: 2-3 years

The program in this room will help children develop their independence and self-help skills. They will learn to share and become socially competent community members.

children building things

The Kangaroo Room: 3-5 yrs

The children will be encouraged to use problem solving skills and explore and discover through a variety of activities and projects based on their interests. Preparing children for ‘big school’ will also be a focus of the program in this room. Activities prepared by an early childhood teacher will allow children to confidently take the next step in their education.