Caddens Kids Childcare Centre is now operated by Affinity Education. At any Lifelong Learning Centre owned and operated by Affinity, you can be confident that your child is in safe hands with experienced early childhood educators who are passionate about nurturing and growing your child’s natural desire to learn.

As professional educators we are committed to the holistic development of children’s skills by providing experiences to meet each individual child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical development and general well being needs.

We will achieve this through the physical structures of the natural landscape of the outdoor area whereby children can explore, learn, create and use their imagination as they learn through play and experience.

Through thoughtful and meaningful planning and layout of internal spaces which flow into the natural creative and physical spaces of the natural environment.



As professional educators with a vast and diverse set of experiences our belief is

“In life, experience is the best teacher.”

At Caddens Kids we encourage play based-learning and discovery through our targeted teaching methods which have proven success in developing resilience and confidence in our children. Their individual identities are shaped and developed by providing numerous opportunities to develop problem-solving skills, which creates a sense of belonging within our community and the wider community.

Our curriculum and teaching practices are guided by the outcomes established by the 5 principles of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Staff and management at Caddens Kids believe that every child is an individual and we will aim to develop and foster this individuality as much as possible.

Appropriate experiences will be tailored to the different ages and stages of children in our care. These experiences will be incorporated into a stimulating program that caters for all children’s needs, strengths, interests and abilities in a way that is challenging and stimulating. The program will also consider the individual needs of families through open communication. An awareness of diversity will be accommodated in the program covering the many cultural representations in our community.

We will provide a warm, friendly, safe, healthy and educationally sound environment in which all children will be treated equally regardless of gender, nationality and abilities. We will foster the best learning environment where children are encouraged to develop to their full potential.